The Casa Azul museum is one of the most iconic places to go when you are in Mexico City. Artists like Yoko Ono, Blondie, David Bowie, Sam Smith and so on, have paid a visit to this house.

When you pay your ticket, you have access to Casa Azul and Anahuacalli museum. The main reason why most people don’t go to the last one is that on weekdays there’s no free transportation to this place, it’s location is a 20-minutes-ride by car, and mostly because many of us didn’t know what Anahuacalli has to offer. But I bet you this place was more saluted by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera than Casa Azul!

Anahuacalli Museum, it feels like being inside a pyramid!

Unfinished Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo project

The painters were strongly passionate about the Mexican indigenous cosmogony and dedicated all their lives studying, researching and collecting prehispanic figurines (more than 50 thousand pieces!). This is their most beloved treasure, and Diego himself designed (well, with the help of Frank Lloyd Wright that is) the pyramid-shaped museum! He also was the museographer, and although he couldn’t see the whole project, his daughter, the architect Juan O’Gorman and the philanthropist Dolores Olmedo finished the dream.

First floor: the underworld

Just as the prehispanic cosmogony, Anahuacalli is divided into three levels: the underworld, earth, and supra world. You first enter a somber chamber and will meet to the great Huehueteotl, the god of fire, and Tlaloc, the god of water. This first level made me feel in a sacred and forbidden place. Oh, and the roof is an exquisite art craft! You can see the venerated snakes forming shapes with different meanings.

Second floor: the earth

The light and atmosphere change as you go up in level. In the second floor, the level of the earth, the room is more illuminated. You don’t feel the presence of gods but sexuality and art are the pillars in the world of humans. And because humans don’t forget their creators, they will remember their goddess Chicomecoatl. After all, we Mexicans came from the corn!

Third floor: the supra world

And lastly, the third level is bathed in the sunlight that enters through the large windows. We are now in the supra world. The god of the air, Ehecatl, is flying around this room and invites you to go to the terrace where you can admire an Anahuacalli surrounded by water that resembles a mirror. Anahuacalli means “house of the valley of Mexico” and was built with volcano stones from the underworld, by human creative, in order to touch the skies and be eternal.

Plan your visit

Know more about this ethereal place at:

Location: Adress: Museo 150, San Pablo Tepetlapa, 04620 Ciudad de México, CDMX

General admission is $90 MXN

Tuesday – Sunday from 11:00 am to 17:30 pm

Free bus: On weekends you can take the free bus from La Casa Azul Museum.

Uber or similar: On weekdays you can take Uber or similar  services. It will cost you around $70 MXN.

Subway: You can also take the subway to Tasqueña station (the blue one). From there, take the light train to Nezahualpilli station. And then walk about 12 minutes to get there.